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Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software is a comprehensive tool that is truly intended to give you safe and risk free recovery in all cases of data loss. It is good data recovery package for recovering data from the Mac OS partition, FAT partition and from various media devices that includes digital camera, iPods and memory cards. It restores all sorts of data quickly and safely with its powerful scanning algorithms. The software provides self explanatory interface and a rich graphical support. You must go through Stellar Phoenix Mac Review in order to get about the product their features and how it works.

Stellar phoenix Macintosh is the data recovery product from stellar info.com. It is having five star rating. Certain most common scenario that is generally reported in which the stellar Phoenix Macintosh data recovery software helps you to restore is:-

  • If you’re hard drive gets corrupted and you can’t get accessed to the files stored.
  • If you have deleted files, and wants it to recover back.
  • If you have initialized hard drive or deleted its volumes.
  • Hard drive not mounting.
  • If you’re hard drive has developed certain bad sectors.


Stellar phoenix Mac data recovery provides you a complete recovery of all lost data. This software simply scans your hard drive and analyzes and built a list of recoverable files and folders. You can go for recover the whole drive content and can select the file and folder that you wish to recover. It supports recover from all types of multimedia files including WAV, WMV, AIFF MIDI, MP4,WMA, MP3 ASF, ,OFF, RPS,MOV,AIFF, AVI and AU. Software also supports recovery from Mac library files like iphoto and iCal

You can download the trial version to and scan your hard drive to recover your lost data on your hard drive. It has three powerful search options for locating searching and recovering lost data. It provides facility to search lost volumes. It performs RAW scan recovery. It can create image of your hard drive and also provides CD & DVD previews. This software is also capable of archiving all your documents to various file formats that includes quick books (QBB), Stuffit (SIT), Zip Archive (zip), RAR files (RAR), apple Script (SCPT), Macromedia Flash (SWF/FWS), Minhex Archive (HQX), Mathematical player (NBP).


How to Use Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery Tool

Step One

Launch Mac Data Recovery Software

Step Two

Now select volume for recovery of deleted data

Step Three

Select file type

Step Four

Now Start Scan

Step Five

After scanning Software recovers all deleted files including trashed one. From here restore files which you want at your specified location.


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Wont believe this software works. I was in two mind whether to purchase or not, but it helped me to get all my important data back. thans for such a wonderful software...

Joy McGleen - Pennsylvania

Really thanks for such a wonderful software. It helped me to recover all my lost files from my corrupted mac drive.

Keith Pukotty - New Jersey

Accidentally i deleted all my important files in office. But this software has helped me to recover all my lost files. Thanks to you guys.

Clara Woods - Oklahoma