What are the reasons of data loose on IMac?

How can we access data back from IMac?

What are the features of the software with IMac recovery?

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IMac is a range of Macintosh desktop computers which is built and designed by apple. It has become the primary part of apple since its introduction in the year 1998 and it has evolved its five different forms. The original form of the IMac was the gun drop model or the egg shaped structure that was mainly enclosed with CRT monitor that was having translucent plastics with vivid colors. Each and every iMac is having glossy widescreen and is having NVIDIA graphics that supports advanced graphics features to play latest 3d games and also required for intensive graphics application. It is a great combination of style and simplicity.

IMac recovery software is required when you loose your data from iMac due to accidental deletion or by any sort of corruption. There could also be many other reasons of data loose on IMac. Some of the most prominent among them can be listed as follows:-

  • Catalogs file corruption
  • Corruption of hard drive
  • Unmountable hard drive
  • Disk initialization


Whatever are the reasons but ultimately your data is loosed as a result that can make you dishearten and it seems very cumbersome to get back all your data.

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery can take all your trouble away. This software is truly intended to give you a safe and risk free iMac recovery. Software provides quick and easy access to your loosed folders and files in few simple steps. This is very easy to use software that requires no prior technical skills and in few simple steps you will be able to get all your loosed data.

Some of he key features of the stellar phoenix Mac data recovery software can be listed as follows:-

  • Retrieves all kinds of files that include MUS, AAC, fh3, fh5, fh7, PMD EPS, PS, ENC, and many more.
  • A scan saves information of lost volumes.
  • It also recovers deleted/lost and video and music files.
  • Data recovery operation is performed on digital camera media, hard drives and ipod.
  • Supports Macintosh file recovery from HFS+, HFS, HFS wrapper and FAT file system.
  • Hard disk imaging is done


How to Use Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery Tool

Step One

Launch Mac Data Recovery Software

Step Two

Now select volume for recovery of deleted data

Step Three

Select file type

Step Four

Now Start Scan

Step Five

After scanning Software recovers all deleted files including trashed one. From here restore files which you want at your specified location.


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Wont believe this software works. I was in two mind whether to purchase or not, but it helped me to get all my important data back. thans for such a wonderful software...

Joy McGleen - Pennsylvania

Really thanks for such a wonderful software. It helped me to recover all my lost files from my corrupted mac drive.

Keith Pukotty - New Jersey

Accidentally i deleted all my important files in office. But this software has helped me to recover all my lost files. Thanks to you guys.

Clara Woods - Oklahoma